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R&D Tax Incentives

We take care of the complex elements so you can concentrate on growing your core business


btaining a benefit from the research and development tax incentive program requires annual registration with AusIndustry prior to the lodgement of your tax return. However, the interpretation of what constitutes an eligible expense can be quite complex.
CEBO R&D tax incentive consultants in Australia can help guide you through this process.
First, ask yourself the following questions:
Are you developing new or improved products or processes?
Does the process require significant technical risk or innovation (or both)?
Does at least one project contain systematic testing or experimentation?
If you've answered 'yes' to the above questions, you may be eligible to claim a Research and Development tax credit for your incurred costs.

You’d be surprised at the range of companies that qualify for Research and Development incentives.


e've successfully achieved great results for a broad range of companies. Examples include agribusiness, bio waste treatment, architects, craft material developers, software designers, and prototyping using photographic imaging.
If you have an innovative product or company, chances are you're not receiving your full entitlements.
Under the Government's ATO R&D Tax Incentive scheme, you can claim costs for labour, overheads, materials for prototypes, testing costs, contractors' costs, and other items and materials.
If you're at an early stage of development and are still cash flow negative or are carrying tax losses, you may also be eligible for a cash refund from the ATO.
At CEBO, we help you access your full R&D tax concessions. We take care of the complex elements - such as compiling and applying, lodging and complying - so you can concentrate on growing your core business.
We have recently added the 'ADOES®' R&D Data Collection Service to our product range. This service satisfies the requirements of the Australian Taxation Office in relation to the keeping of contemporaneous records. View more details about ADOES® here.

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